BitCar Partners with UK Crypto Supercar Vendor Moonlambos


 Perth-based Blockchain platform BitCar has partnered with luxury supercars dealership Moonlambos, which deals solely in cryptocurrency. 

Moonlambos gained notoriety when its cars crashed the European premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Prince William and Prince Harry were among the audience when the cryptocurrency Supercar dealer rolled up in matching ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ Lamborghini Aventadors.


“BitCar is excited about the chance to widen its market through this new partnership, giving owners of BITCAR tokens the opportunity to buy assets directly from Moonlambos,” said BitCar co-founder Dr. Gov Van Ek.


London-based Moonlambos has partnerships with auto dealers in the U.S. and Europe, enabling it to sell Lamborghinis, using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and now BitCar tokens.


“The partnership with BitCar aligns perfectly with our growth plan, allowing us to accept BITCAR tokens directly as payment for our Supercars at attractive prices,” said Moonlambos co-founder Ivan Soto-Wright.


BitCar is a decentralized platform that gives owners of tokens the chance to purchase fractional ownership in exotic cars.

Through the new partnership with Moonlambos, BitCar is expanding its luxury Supercars range, offering more choice to token holders.

In 2016, the number of Lamborghinis delivered to customers was nearly 3,500, an almost 1,500 increase on the number of deliveries 10 years prior.*

The demand for exotic Supercars is on the rise, with 28,500 super luxury cars sold in 2016, up nearly 16% compared to the previous year.**

“The high-end car sector is generally more stable than the cryptocurrency market, which is why BitCar believes luxury vehicles are a good investment in an otherwise volatile market,” said Dr. Van Ek.

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