The Bitcoin Market in South Africa explodes, thanks to


Bitcoin Press Releases: In only 5 months, Bitmart has introduced the revolutionary Bitcoin Currency and Mining to aspiring entrepreneurs across South Africa.

Bitcoin Mining has recently taken the world by storm, and more so at a remarkable rate in South Africa. Since the inception of Bitmart in December of 2015, more than 50 confirmed satisfied South African clients have purchased S7 Antminers and related Bitcoin Mining hardware. Each client has seen significant returns on their investments and has shown interest in expanding their existing mining hardware to further their Bitcoin mining success.

The immense expansion of Bitcoin mining awareness in South Africa has been partly due to Bitmart’s dedicated marketing thereof, as well as the distribution of all the required hardware. They have grown into the Bitcoin Hardware and Crypto service provider of choice in South Africa and offer an additional dedicated telephonic support service to assist new Bitcoin miners with any queries they might encounter when starting up their own Bitcoin mining systems. Bitmart also plans to hold seminars to enable more and more people to understand the vast opportunities Bitcoin has to offer to add value to their lives and businesses.

Bitmart specializes in the sales of the Bitcoin Mining Hardware and ATM Hardware like the Sitoshi1 and the Genesis 1. They also have recently added Ethereum Mining equipment to their online store.


The specialized telephonic or email support team teaches people to use the latest Arbitration methods to trade Bitcoin on a daily basis to increase their income through Bitcoin mining and trading, or just how to use Arbitrate Cross exchange platforms in order to buy and sell Bitcoin locally. Bitmart also aids businesses to become Bitcoin ambassadors and to set up Bitpay payment gateways to start trading/accepting Bitcoin.

Internet users worldwide are all visiting for information about the quickly expanding Bitcoin market and how to use their Bitcoin in various currencies. Although it might be new to South Africa, the Bitmart team has extensive knowledge and experience in Bitcoin mining with the latest and most advanced hardware and has, without a doubt, set the pace for the South African Bitcoin market.

They have singlehandedly introduced dozens of South African businesses to the Bitcoin Currency and aided them in the on-going expansion of their Bitcoin mining capabilities. Some of the major companies that are now trading with Bitcoin are:,,,,,,,, and many more.

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  1. Reinhardt Louw

    Bitmart are rip-off artists, particularly when it comes to ASIC hardware. They mark up their goods so much that the ROI on the initial purchase is so long that the profitability of the purchased machine tends towards ZERO by the time the initial investment in hardware has been recouped.

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