CCEDK Announces The NanoCard


CCEDK brings instant bitcoin-to-fiat spending with their new Bitcoin Debit Card, dubbed NanoCard. This new service enables cryptocurrency holders to spend bitcoin balances without exchange risk, by using their existing balances to purchase goods and services with all the convenience of a regular debit card.

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As probably the world’s first true ‘crypto-debit’ card to be funded at the point of use from the user’s own address, it’s touted as providing an “effective way to bridge the online world of digital money and the existing infrastructure of traditional card payment.”

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Instant Order Feature
CCEDK also supports instant orders (initially funded by a pool of 1,000 BTC) on the following markets: LTC/BTC, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/DKK, PPC/BTC, BTS/EUR, BTS/USD, and BTC/CNY. With this instant order feature it is now possible to buy bitshares and transfer from Crypto to Fiat instantly.
CCEDK charting, trading and live orderbooks have recently been integrated into Coinigy directly, and we encourage our users to sign up for an account to take advantage of this great new feature! Click the link below to register your free trading account at Crypto Coins Denmark:
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