Press Release – 10/23/2014: The original purpose of CoinmarketsCoin was to be an educational tool for the altcoin trading community concerning the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. By all accounts CoinmarketsCoin was a resounding success, as a record number of traders downloaded a wallet, rented miners, and staked coins for their first time ever.

However, a new age is dawning for the cryptocurrency industry, and we are taking steps to insure that our community is amply prepared for this transition. To survive in this new age, cryptocurrencies need to have ample infrastructure built up around them to support the network, in addition to a unique use case which allows the community to spend their coins while bringing fresh money into the ecosystem.

To mark this evolution in the industry, CoinmarketsCoin is being rebranded as “Jumbucks.” This new name allows for the iconic price ticker to remain the same ($JBS), but Jumbucks will have an entirely different purpose than its predecessor. The inspiration for the new name (Jumbucks) is a play on words which combines the Australian descent of the developer with the colloquialism of a “buck”—a currency for everyday spending which is used and understood by everyone.

Our vision for Jumbucks is to branch out from our roots and achieve greater acceptance in the crypto-community. The main purpose of Jumbucks goes much deeper than simply being a fun and experimental meme coin—we want Jumbucks and the Jumbucks community to stand as a beacon of where cryptocurrencies should be headed. The use cases for Jumbucks are designed to be valuable to the community, while also funding future developments for the coin. Unique wallet and web services are currently under development which will encourage people to keep their wallets open and staking, which will simultaneously protect the integrity of the network.

The use cases currently under development for Jumbucks are both compelling and self sustaining,as nothing like them has ever been seen before in the crypto-world. Jumbucks’ code was forked from ShadowCoin, and at launch it immediately offered popular features such as P2P encrypted messaging and anonymous dual-key stealth addresses. Jumbucks already has a working multipool and a Twitter tipbot!

Along with the features mentioned above, below are some developments which we are planning to roll out as continued development for Jumbucks:

1) Innovative wallet and web services never before imagined.
2) An Android wallet so you can keep your $JBS near you at all times.
3) ATM integration to allow for easy funneling of fiat money into Jumbucks.
4) Asset-backing (more on this later)
5) Since the ultimate goal of Jumbucks is to create a coin which people will use, we are creating a decentralized marketplace where people      can buy and sell items for $JBS.
6) Creative marketing campaigns and events to introduce newcomers into cryptocurrencies.
7) Unique and collectable physical crypto community products.
8) A brand new website to properly unveil each of Jumbucks’ exciting new features!

Jumbucks is currently traded on Bittrex, Cryptsy and will be available at launch for the upcoming A new era has dawned for cryptocurrencies. Don’t be left behind with nothing but yesterday’s coins—buy Jumbucks today.
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