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The Kickstarter campaign for a documentary featuring Dogecoin, called Coined, released an update on Thursday, June 19th to inform everyone of their progress. The documentary is already getting a lot of attention, with over 100 backers and over $4,000 in pledged funds at the time of writing. In fact, their backing grew by over $1,000 during the writing of this article alone! The group is seeking a total of $72,000 to develop a full-length documentary about altcoins, but in particular, Dogecoin.


Check out this introductory video they made on Youtube. There is another video on the Kickstarter page as well. These guys appear to have the right idea, with statements such as this, “All money comes from a shared agreement: we decide it has value, and then it does. These new currencies are an evolution in that process…”


According to their Kickstarter, the team consists of Chris Higgins, a writer, with a laundry list of article contributions and author of multiple books.As well as Adam Cornelius who is an award-winning director of multiple movies. This is only a brief synopsis of their experience, more can be found on the Kickstarter page which you should definitely go take a look at. We don’t want to steal their thunder here, since they certainly deserve the attention!


It features interviews with Josh Wise, the driver of the Dogecoin NASCAR (# 98), Josh Mohland, who created the Dogetipbot for Reddit, as well as the creator of Dogecoin himself, Billy Markus.


One of their goals is to get people closer to the “developers” as we typically call them; the people behind the code. Chris states, “…technology aside, we’re focused on the personal stories of the people directly involved in creating cryptocurrencies and building the communities that surround them. The media usually focuses on fear-mongering (“Bitcoin was used to launder money!”) or hype (“this changes everything!)”


If you have a moment, go check out the Kickstarter page and toss them a contribution. I know I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with. If Dogecoin was capable of funding Josh Wise’s NASCAR sponsorship for $55,000, the $72,000 shouldn’t be very difficult for them to garner.


If you’d like to contribute to their funding, we have reached out to Chris Higgins and he has approved us collecting donations to forward to them. Please note, any donations to this address will not receive the same contribution rewards as you would by going through Kickstarter. If you like the rewards you see on Kickstarter, please donate there.


Here is the Dogecoin donation address: DJrcjssa1AEDmoAnbzzHjvf6Mp3V9NUJQe

All funds will be forwarded to Chris on or before the close of the Kickstarter fund on Thursday, July 17th, 2014. We feel it is unlikely they will fall short of their funding requirement, but in that event the funds will still go to Chris.


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