It was supposed to be exciting and fun for everyone! Dogecoinor “Doge” a meme based cryptocurrency that revolutionized the digital landscape becoming the friendly face of our community while bringing us mainstream through many charitable,innovative and sponsorship efforts. I have said it before, I entered cryptocurrency on the news of Silk Road. I was totally unaware of the alternative side of things and was focused on trading the 7 $BTC I had invested. It was exciting! I felt like I was part of an effort that would change the entire financial arena.
Above: Prices and dates stipulate how my personal confidence in Bitcoin was built over a very short period of time.
As I ventured further into cryptocurrency I mistakenly bumped into Litecoin, then Dogecoin and realized that this was a mushrooming industry that I could contribute a wealth of financial knowledge to if accepted. I brainstormed where I could fit in?
I took it upon myself to launch what became the “largest” Doge movement on twitter and gained the #2 spot on DogecoinPark right under Dogecoin itself. At the time I had evolved into something that had significance in the community and went all out implementing many unconventional and conventional means of marketing. My efforts landed Doge on the Oprah reality show, The Diamond Collar. If not for the fact of Dogecoin being Dogecoin, Coyote would have held the #1 spot with 140K followers vs Doge’s 13K. I enlisted my Dog ‘Lacey The Pap’ as the official spokes model in turn she was the ‘first’ animal ever to accept cryptocurrency for her modeling gigs. Learn More>

Jackson Palmer and Ben Doernberg were way below me on this list which I believe is the reason I received ‘NO’ support on their behalf, they completely ignored my community efforts. Obviously intimidated by my presence Ben blocked me on twitter for a period of time for unknown reasons? Me their biggest marketer and supporter!
However, I did not allow this to deter me, I had been receiving MUCH hostility due to my Wall Street background being cryptocurrency at this particular time was “anti”Bank, Government and Wall Street. I was considered an odd ball. WOW! How things have changed.”  



The Bitcoin community played a major role in the Occupy Wall Street movement for those who did not know. Activists each contributed $1 USD to a $BTC fund aimed at financing the cause. I started to receive some decent media due to the Oprah accomplishment and decided to work on the merchant acceptance end. I did very well attracting a significant amount of adoption from animal related businesses to hot dog vendors in NYC and it’s surrounding states. I even had one hot dog vendor in Mt. Pocono, PA change her company name from ‘Dogs’ to ‘Doges’. The Diamond Collar later accepted my offer to accept Catcoin due to the overwhelming response from the Dogecoin community. I had a working relationship with a developer named, ‘Johnny’ who later joined in on a smear campaign that inevitably forced The Diamond Collar and Oprah executives to cancel all plans in the middle of our project. 
I’m the first to admit that I have a colorful past on Wall Street being an ex Wolf Of Wall Streettrader and had written a book called, Stratton Oakmont, A Trail Of Fraud “The Book” which was independently published and available online. I had been incarcerated stemming from my training techniques and continued lack of morals taught to me as an inexperienced young man who like others were “unwillingly” brainwashed by Jordan Belfort. Stratton Oakmont was cult minded. However, I took full responsibility for my own actions and ended up receiving more time then him. I never complained about going to prison it was well deserved as discussed here> “I HAD BEEN PUBLIC ABOUT MY PAST FROM THE GATE!” I published my story not to glamorize the fruits of fraud but as an open apology to my investors and a warning to future Wall Street executives to come. I offered Dr. Phil all proceeds via email for a victim of the Ohio kidnappings. My guess is the Dr. Phil/Oprah connection affected that offer? Just kidding, I’m a nobody to Dr. Phil, just a lonely lil’ Coyote.
However, twitter trolls had a field day spreading clips and inserts of “MY PAST” as though it was today and destroyed my efforts to help raise awareness and funds for displaced animals in NYC that we had initiated called, ‘Keno’s Animal Ruscue Effort’. In an attempt to discredit my efforts false rumors and photoshopped pictures of me were posted on a surf board holding the Keno’s promotional charity check implying that I left for Spain with the charities funds. This was the furthest thing from the truth! The elders of our families had worked together for over 25 years in the catholic church and the star of The Diamond Collar and myself had grown up together enjoying the same group of generational friends in RichmondHill, Queens. This fud campaign led to the collapse of our charity efforts and what I considered to be a personal friendship with cast members. Reluctantly, I bowed down for the sake of that friendship. However, we no longer speak and for the record, “Coyote came out of pocket to fulfill his commitment to the charity.” Keno’s Animal Ruscue received more then the full amount donated by the Dogecoin community which was minimal to boot! Community members must have been MUCH involved in getting fleeced through Dogecoin’s ‘PONZI’ game? WOW! SUCH SCAM>

My only regret is losing those friendships and I openly apologize for any issues this unforeseen incident may have caused to all parties involved. I did it from my heart with no malice. I thank god that one of the cast has overcome their illness! #FOREVERYOUNG

Which Leads Us To MintPal!


I am ‘urked’ by Jackson’s recent announcement of scam artist, Alex Green destroyer of MintPal and many other internet ventures. I was never officially accepted by the Dogecoin community and had just completely walked away from Doge after the above mentioned nightmare. Then MintPal announced it’s closure and bankruptsy plans through coindesk. I was the first to retweet and then removed it from my page because I wanted to make the initial bid for this struggling exchange. I directly reached out to @CoinDesk, @MintPalExchange and @Moolah_io with my intentions to buyout MintPal. I received contact from Moolah first and begun the first steps of negotiation with who we now know “not” to be Alex Green, rather a transient sociopath financial predator. “I” as in Coyote believe Jackson was in bed with Alex all along stonewalling these facts because he lined Jackson’s pockets for a moment and this type of fraudulent exposure would kill Doge. In business this is called

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