Ethereum’s Blockchain Size Surpasses Bitcoin’s by 40%


Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain is now larger than Bitcoin’s at around 180 gigabytes, with experts warning further increases may spell disaster.

After one user reported downloading the backlog of transactions for “over a week” while syncing a node, cryptocurrency commentator and entrepreneur Tuur Demeester highlighted a source giving an overall figure of up to 180 GB.

Ethereum overtook Bitcoin sometime in February 2017, according to the source data, when both were around 130 GB.

Further Twitter commentators added that the problem of so-called ‘Blockchain bloat’ would be “compounded” by the fact that the relative free-for-all on Ethereum-linked wallets meant that many users had a considerable number of them.

A huge range of altcoins are based on the Ethereum blockchain, many of which continue to see frantic trading activity with the completion of various ICOs.

What the future holds for ETH itself meanwhile poses further issues.

Continued upward trajectory could see the biggest altcoin’s blockchain hit one terabyte before 2018, making syncing a seriously unwieldy business.

ETH prices meanwhile hit new highs over the weekend, capping a 3000% increase since the start of the year which is doing the rounds across mainstream media.



Source: Cointelegraph

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  1. So it’s only matter of time to altcoins detrhone Bitcoin, yes and this is good for all the users the primary thing is bitcoin can’t satisfy all the market needs for their blockchain rules and space, but I think withouth this rules anyone would ever trust in a cryptocurrency but in long term it will be more and more difficult to process transactions. Monero is another altcoin with a bright future with his capability to mine only with cpu power…

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