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Europecoin (ERC) was launched in 2014 as a IPO coin which the original developers were using to only generate short term revenue. The coin was coded using an outdated Nova Coin clone. The coin never took hold in the crypto community and slowly lost ground until it virtually disappeared. About 6 months after losing almost all its initial traction a new Developer, Matthias Klees decided to salvage the project from extinction.

The first order of business was to accumulate from the original team the remaining coins. The coin met a lot of resistance in the community due to the appearance and association to being a scam from the beginning. Over the next several months tremendous amounts of work were done to solve mild to severe forking issues. After eight months, they published the Alpha version, this time build from the newest team member “Chris”, who already attracted attention as a developer of “Bitsend” (Europecoin Partner).

Together they worked tirelessly to create a new wallet from scratch. This new wallet was a major breakthrough. The Wallet was an innovative, streamlined mix of HODL-RAM / CPU Mining, Term Deposit with Soft-Cold-Storage and two inventions that are still unique today. The new Europecoin is the only Coin in the world, which does not depend on the favor of miners, to keep the chain moving. The wallets have a micromining cloud, which allows the blockchain to continue moving as needed. (Bitbreak Blockchain Shield). Furthermore, the developers have added a self-designed concept, that consists of TWO KGW (Kimoto Gravity Well) threads, which are acting as a leverage, for the Difficulty calculation. The Difficulty reacts in almost real-time, aggressively towards the blocktime and ensures, that Solo-Minener have a fair chance on their computer and 51% attacks are unlikely to succeed. The semirare coin (9 million) is characterized by an extremely active scene and the maintainers haven’t lost their enthusiasm after more than a year of struggle.


Over the next  year, the team has grown:

Core members:

1) Metamorphine (a.k. Steve)
He is a customer support wizzard, incredibly well known and Europecoins man for all occasions

2) Chris a.k. LIMIX_DEV
He manages the Coin BITsend and develops both Bitsend and Europecoin. Chris is an organizational genius and the team’s workflow master.

3) Matthias Klees is the founder of the project and as an experienced Internet marketing expert ( responsible for the planning and marketing.


Bitend and Europecoin:

Chris’s remarkable developments, Bitsend and Europecoin will form a DUO in the future: one is consistently focused on point-of-sales and customer convenience, the other on privacy and stealth. Reason is, one should not mix customer convenience and privacy. With an Allrouder-Coin, the risk that the customer is exposing themselves by a mis-configuration is too great. That’s why there will be two coins on available everybody’s desktop and smartphone.



Over time, the team has also built up a promising infrastructure, is hard-working and I haven’t been able to find even one dissatisfied user, but only enthusiastic posts (quite rare at Bitcointalk) The next goal of the Europecoin project is a new Opensource project: A “Blockchain Agnostic Federation Protocol”, that can link coins and apps and services, without identification layer ( In the meantime, project founder Matthias Klees has founded a company ( with some venture capital, that designs blockchain-based checkout systems, Crypto Currency Point-of-Sales Hardware and acts as sponsor for the Opensource Project. They just released their ground breaking HODL, Term Deposit Soft-Cold-Storage enabled Android Wallet, are part of of NoblePay, featuring SEPA Banktransfers, 400 Giftcards including AMAZON, are IoT ready with 10 MB Blocksize, are default Coins on the ROKOS IoT Raperry Pi Device and their Lab is still running hot.

The Long Term Goal:

Europecoin was brought back to life for a cause. Matthias spent five years working as a consultant for some of the European Commissioners and their environment. In doing so, the decision was made to use what had been learned and the gained relations, to place a team of grassroots lobbyists for decentralization and blockchains in Brussels to influence politics.
Matthias reports that even well-informed politicians have little chance of being independently advised without the influence of companies, and that these politicians are certainly interested in such an offer. The Europecoin website is designed as a management system for experts and expert groups and is equipped with individual options for activists and groups to actively publish about their work.

  1. Europecoin has come a long way and all the transformations are what it takes as with all great crypt-o-currencies. Added with the new avenues that Europecoin are working towards with new implementations that will help rise-up even further along the path All the best ahead to Europecoin and all members.

  2. thank you very much,we are honored, to have users like you in our community,
    active users are those who are shaping our currency.

    future is bright

  3. Adding to that awesomeness: ROKOS v7 works flawlessly on Pine64 (with 2GB RAM). That is adding something to the IoT group of crypto.

  4. You are welcome and always glad to be part of the crypt-o-community of great coins as Europe coin since the start on Bluetrade..

  5. thenewelf

    National coins like europecoin and auroracoin are the real solution to confront the money printing governments

  6. EuropeCoin has been great thus far to be a part of.
    Matthias, hats off to you for your dedication and a flawless swap to V3.

    Looking forward to the future,

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