Expanse Launches Smart Contracts Based Governance Platform


Expanse launches smart contracts based governance platform

Blockchain-based decentralized apps platform Expanse has launched its newest project: Borderless Technology. This platform offers “revolutionary” new decentralized governance services powered by smart contracts.

Expanse founder Christopher Franko explains that the project’s design allows more efficient mining, which in turn can reportedly enable decentralized application developers to create more powerful services.

“You can think of Borderless Tech as a decentralized, global political system without borders,” Franko says. “Services such as citizenship, identity, notary, marriage, and more are easily able to adapt to specific needs of various groups that are choosing their own ways to be free.”

The Expanse team says that its new platform is a superior solution to governance than traditional models, which expend large amounts of resources to maintain borders. By removing these political borders between nations, the Borderless project claims that “smarter” resource allocation can be facilitated between societies, while introducing “competition to the age-old governance monopolies.”

Expanse borderless tech roadmap

Expanse Community Manager James Clayton says, “When coupled with the power and flexibility Expanse provides, Borderless.Tech provides a stable foundation that the future can be build upon.”

Clayton continues, “By letting go of those restrictive imaginary lines, (borders), we become global citizens and a new time of identity emerges, which will allow all members of a society to reach our full potential.”

Expanse says their Borderless project is based on these “key facts”:

  • Borderless Tech runs on the Expanse platform.
  • It is a decentralized governance platform that offers a variety of services for free or for little cost.
  • The use of Borderless.Tech smart contracts reduces friction and costs, introducing competition into traditional governance models.
  • Businesses, charities and even governments can benefit by leveraging the massive power of Borderless Tech.


Businesses, charities and even governments can use Expanse’s array of organizational tools to leverage the massive power of Borderless.Tech smart contracts. Expanse provides more detailed information about Borderless Tech at blog.expanse.tech. To learn more about the background and future potential, see the Borderless.Tech website.



Source: Bitcoinist

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