Fuel coin is undergoing major changes. The first thing that was done was placing the existing pre-mine with Altcoin Today for measured, public, future distribution. This was to assure the investing public that the coin would not be dumped on the market. See Fuel Coin Pre-mine.

The coin is getting an updated look and a new focus and charter is being discussed. The details of this will be announced between now and 6-18-2014 (Wednesday, June 18Th).

Without sharing any of the exact details, we can share that 10 percent of the pre-mine will still be ONLY for charitable works. These funds will not be touched for anything other than charity.

The coin is doing something new. Everyone currently holding 3 million or more coins will be invited to participate as a member of the advisory board. This is intended to give actual investors an opportunity to hear the exact details and dates for future projects. This will allow each person with a significant amount of Fuel Coin to have a say in the direction of the projects and be made aware, in advance, to public announcement of any projects in the works. This should allow the coin holders to make more accurate decisions about their investment, and not feel left in the dark like with many altcoins. Anyone reading this is invited to participate. Your account holdings will be verified by Altocin Today.



If you have at least 3 million Fuel coins in your portfolio please email admin@altcointoday. We will verify this information and pass it to the Advisory Board Director. From there you will be invited to upcoming open IRC chat discussions. Additionally you will receive update e-mails and provided links to projects as they come online.

Please use in your E-mail the subject line. “Fuel Advisory”


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