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Cryptocurrency has become an exploding, global phenomenon, and while the majority of us are just learning about it, traders are actively investing in this innovation. A great number of modern ICO companies are developing and presenting the market with their own cryptocurrencies. They are looking for effective ways to sell their tokens, and, thereby, give users the possibility of gaining profits. Kelta is a big player of this game.


Kelta has been formed as a substantive entity exclusively for the purpose of the ICO. Together with AGEM DATA, which owns the data center building, and Kelta Mining, the data center operator and token vendor, Kelta has made an innovative alliance to launch its own token system with these economics: 1 KLT = 0,00565 ETH = 1 Watt of facility power, Market Cap – 56.500 ETH. The number of tokens issued during the ICO depends on the amount of funds collected.


The main Kelta token features are:


  • Guaranteed access to a certain wattage of data center capacity for 50 years. One token equals one watt. Only token holders have access to data center resources.


  • Kelta token users can tap their allotted server capacity to setup and run tasks of their choice – mining, neural network training, etc.


  • Unlimited access to the streamlined Kelta application and web portal making it super easy to select a cryptocurrency and start mining unhampered by a limited understanding of blockchain theory.


  • Token holders may rent out their wattage to a third party for a fixed rate.


In order to effectively use all Kelta’s tools and ICO possibilities, its development team has implemented a convenient mobile  mobile application available for download on the App Store and Google Play on Thursday, May 17th.


Utilizing the app, Kelta token holders are able to access the data center on their smartphone, tablet or computer. They have a personal zone in their user profiles via login. In the profile, they can see what information it contains from the pictures.


Since Kelta Inc. is aimed at successful tokens trading, the main advantages of its app is users can to see their working tokens and dispose of them at their own discretion. Naturally, right from this app, they are able to buy and sell Kelta tokens. At the moment, Kelta is conducting a large token sale ending in 4 days on the website.Investors can buy tokens at the rate of KLT = 0,00655 ETH. 1 week before finishing the SALE KELTA, a total raised amount from this sale has currently topped 45473 ETH. Also, KELTA raised the SOFT CAP in first three days of the SALE. The bold ambition of KELTA is becoming a reality!

When it comes to a network mining, users have the opportunity to choose from several currencies and, most importantly, to set the amount of tokens network mined in exactly which cryptocurrency. The network mining system on the KELTA APP now offers the option to select from 4 different cryptocurrency algorithms, which include Ethash-Ethereum, CryptoNightV7-Monero, Equihash-Zcash and Skein-Digibyte.


The Kelta app also benefits technical specialists. If they are going to use Kelta tokens for scientific research, this application gives a great connection to directly communicate with the Kelta team working with scientific projects.


This is a really amazing news for active traders who strive to make professional investments simple. With the Kelta app, you are able to gain maximum profit from the highly-potential cryptocurrency market. You can start doing this right now by taking part in the current main sale. Catch the moment!


For more information about Kelta’s datacenter, its app and ICO please visit official website:


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