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One of the founders of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer (@jacksonpalmer on Twitter), has announced his departure from the Dogecoin Subreddit (/r/dogecoin). The departure stemmed from an argument over the decision made by Ultra Pro International (@UltraProIntl) to Trademark the word “doge”,‘s opposition to the filing, and what Jackson described as a, “…sadly cult-like subreddit.” made the following notice on Twitter, in opposition of Ultra Pro Intl’s filing for Trademark:



Later, Jackson made the following post which, according to sources within the Reddit community, was what instigated the argument. The contents of this post have since been [removed].

Jackson's First Comment


The content of the next Reddit post made by founder, “moolah_”, which triggered a bit of a flame war and Jackson’s departure from the subreddit has also been deleted:


Original Moolah Post

Note: If you have the original text for either of these posts, please get in touch with us as



Jackson’s first comment on Moolah’s post can be found below:

First Palmer Comment


After much negativity from the community, he posted another comment, which has been edited since its origination:


Edited Palmer Departure


After making the comments on the subreddit and unsubshibing, Jackson posted the following message on Twitter to reassure his followers he wasn’t completely abandoning the project:




Ultra PRO has been barraged by messages from Shibes, but seem to have a fairly relaxed attitude about the matter:



The company held an official ask me anything (AMA) on Reddit to field concerns from the dogecoin community. They made an important statement, that they don’t care to go after anyone using the word doge:


Ultrapro Statement 1


It appears the company did this as a means to protect themselves from providing Dogecoin related products, having someone else apply for the Trademark, and then getting sued as a result. The following isn’t a statement directly from Ultra PRO, but it was confirmed by them:


Ultrapro Backup Statement


Stay tuned Shibes, we have a feeling this one isn’t over yet!




A couple of corrections were made 6/27/2014 at the suggestion of the Reddit community after verifying their claims. We appreciate all of your support!


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