Luxury Brand Purveyor Elizabeth White Opens up to Bitcoin Cash


A recent Vogue magazine article said of Elizabeth’s White Company (not the one that sells candles and pillowcases): “Whether it’s securing an executive suite at a sold-out sports game or buying 100 MacBooks, White can make it happen.”

Elizabeth White was a former executive at both LVMH and Formula 1 before seeing a huge gap in the market for people who wanted to buy famous expensive art works or an eye-catching jet but with the discretion, that only cryptocurrency can offer.

This business has grown exponentially in a little over a year as has Bitcoin Cash since its inception even more recently in August last year. Bitcoin Cash is now pleased to be a payment option on her dynamic and ground-breaking company.

Elizabeth White explained: “Trust is, obviously, vital in this space and I have watched with interest both the growth and the early-adopters of Bitcoin Cash and can see that The White Company and Bitcoin Cash are natural partners.”

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