Magnus Collective – The Future of Artificial Intelligence

If Al is on your radar, Magnus Collective is the ICO you want to invest in…

Here is a fun little idea to ponder: Are we going to be taken over by robots in the future, and wiped out? Are our own creations going to take us by storm, replace our jobs, and kick us off our own planet?

A lot of political pundits and news resources have forecasted that artificial intelligence and robotics could be the end of the world—that is, unless we tread carefully.

Luckily, for people living on planet Earth, driven institutions and organizations are coming together to make sure that artificial intelligence is appropriated in a meaningful way using block chain technology.

At the forefront of this monumental movement is a company you will be hearing a lot about: The Magnus Collective.

The Magnus Collective is redefining the universe of robotics and AI for automation across all industries. It’s no secret that the global economy is being tremendously affected by the rapid adoption of advanced robotics. So, how does an ICO through a block chain driven company like Magnus Collective make a difference?

It’s simple: Robotics used to be extremely expensive, and the prospect of building a robot used to be a far-off dream are very few. Today, inclining prices and robotics, performance improvements and increasing widespread adoption of block chain technology has empowered innovation and AI to become omnipresent in all computers and across the Internet.

At the same time, block chain technology can be appropriated to streamline and secure the value chain of robotics and AI, so that different technologies worldwide, throughout all industries, can communicate together.

If you imagine what it would take to have all robotics and artificial intelligent machines communicating with each other—you would imagine a pretty monstrous industry with pretty outstanding growth potential, right?

That’s why Magnus Collective’s ICO for Magnus Tokens is starting to take the crypto currency industry by storm. Magnus Collective has already been recognized by LG, Walt Disney, IEEE, BCG, and others—who believe in the Magnus Collective idea, as put forth by Ray Kurzweil, that “Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion fold.”

The purpose behind Magnus Collective can already be seen in many facets of society. Cognitive solutions are being used to reduce town traffic, improving emergency facilities, and improving the customer experience. This is just the beginning, and Magnus Collective, as an appropriation of block chain technology, and a crypto currency, will accelerate the cohesion and cooperation of these technologies—so that we can reach a safe and secure world for robotics and AI to support humanity, and not stand in its way.

From Forbes to Mashable, Fortune, Popular Science, INC., and more, the world is already starting to take notice of Magnus Collective. Right now, you can get involved with one of the largest investment opportunities in technological history. With only so many tokens available, you can own a piece of a technology that will be involved in the coordination and execution of every industry in the world.

This is the advent of true artificial intelligence decentralization. If being a part of how the world will coexist with technology in the future is important to you, get involved with Magnus Collective at, today!

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