The Danish Exchange Celebrates 5 months as Crypto Coins Platform With a 1 Million Transaction Achievement Throwing a Party with Happy Hours and Monster Trading!

Your success is my success, is your success!It’s time to have some fun, so lets do some Monster Trading with a Happy Hour making every day a potential winning day at CCEDK online trading platform!

— Ronny Boesing

BLOKHUS, JAMMERBUGT, DENMARK, October 17, 2014 / — Prior to the cryptocurrency revolution, Ronny Boesing worked as a sales executive and general manager within the music industry for over 25 years. The Internet disrupted his music publishing business but the silver lining was that these events inspired him to continue researching and innovating.

At the beginning of 2014, Ronny Boesing was approached by an international investment group – a member of which was a good friend of his from back in the 90’s. The group had long had its eyes on Denmark due to the liberal and open regulatory framework.

Boesing readily embraced this opportunity, creating Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK ApS) on March 20, 2014. Boesing became the founder of the very first cryptocurrency exchange of its kind in Denmark, which went live on May 26 2014.

“I am a pioneer in spirit, and all my life I have made my income getting out there to the rest of the world, in places and countries no one else thought profitable, trying to sell a product. The product might be different each time; the whole world, however, is still my little playground”- Boesing says.

Choosing not to focus on Bitcoin alone, CEO Ronny Boesing researched other cryptocurrencies, selecting NXT and a handful of others to trade on his platform. In addition to the recently added Blackcoin and Nubits, Boesing has managed to add Darkcoin, Dogecoin, Bitmark, FimKrypto, Bitmark and BitsharesX to make it a total of 12 crypto currencies and the crazy amount of 100+ trading pairs. Boesing plans to keep adding other promising coins, which he gauges by the level of community support, to CCEDK by the end of this year.

CCEDK is the first Danish online exchange for digital currencies such as Bitcoin as well as for altcoins including Peercoin and Litecoin and second generation crytpocurrencies such as NXT and Blackcoin.

“We have now been up and running for almost 5 months,” Ronny Boesing says, “and it is great to see that we are finally getting up there being noticed worldwide, and we feel it is only the very beginning to something big, which we hope the as many “normal people” will be a part of by using CCEDK as their preferred place for trading now and in the future. To reach this goal, we will constantly be adding new features, payments systems and improving our compliance overall, as well as adding any additional security procedures.”

“We welcome everybody with a smile, and are always ready to listen to constructive criticism, in order to always do our outmost to please and to make the CCEDK trader feel comfortable when trading at the exchange. We want to be able to offer the user a “WOW” effect every once in a while as well, making us stand out among all the other exchanges out there and eventually to offer a trading experience above expected.”

We would like to invite all interested crypto currency traders, investors and the average every day guy or “gal” to take a quick look at our exchange, perhaps even register and partipate in this month’s special events!In October we offer anybody out there a great way to try out our easy to use features making it an easy task to do some trading and perhaps even win some Nubits, which is proven every day on the exchange is as good as good old cash dollars.

Marathon Trading in October – We offer a “LOTTERY TICKET to win 100 NBT – 3 POSSIBLE WINNERS” to any traders making minimum 10 Transactions in total within 24 hours any given day from Thursday October 16th to Wednesday October 23rd midnight (Amsterdam time) . This offer is presented to people already registered or registering, so you are most probably a limited amount of people of some 1200 active users thus making chances of winning that extra prize quite big!

Requirements to qualify: Each transaction must be minimum the equivalent to 100 USD/100 NBT of any of the 27 NEW Crypto Trading pairs(see below mentioned new trading pairs), and all participants must send e-mail to mentioning: Maraton Trading, User ID and time frame trading in subject, and will receive number for the final draw of Winner

Happy Hour in October – Any transactions performed at 21.00 (9 PM GMT+1 Amsterdam Time) and next hour until 22.00 every day in mentioned period will qualify for 1 NBT(equals 1 USD) as a special thank you for trading. 1 NBT per user per day – see below requirements!

Requirements to qualify: Each transaction must be minimum the equivalent to 100 USD/100 NBT of any of the 100+ Trading pairs available (use dropdown menu for further details), and all participants must send e-mail to mentioning: Happy Hour, User ID and date of trading in subject prior to any withdrawal of NBT Giveaway.

30 NEW Crypto Trading pairs available at CCEDK also to be used to qualify for the Marathon Trading lottery:


Avilable to qualify is also any trades to be made with the fiat currencies EUR, USD, RUR and DKK in connection with any of the above mentioned crypto currencies.

Payment options: Deposit and withdrawal with SEPA in Europe, Ultimo October Skrill Direct Instant payment from 3600 banks in Europe, SWIFT the world, Payeer Deposit and withdrawal in USD, EUR, RUR, UAH via 150+ payment options.

Payment systems added in October: We will be adding SKRILL DIRECT Instant payment like SOFORT but just so much better and secure, with their offering of instant deposit possibility from 3600+ banks in the major countries like UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Hungary and soon also even Denmark and Norway. Sofort was not able to offer this for France, UK, Spain and Hungary, so it is a great improvement, and even 0,5% cheaper in deposit fees as well.

Expected payment system in November is EGOPAY, which should enable more people to access through initial support from credit cards or other alternative payment systems, so a great alternative to wire transfers and the long wait to do your trading.

It is great to be able to also introduce the following merchants as part of the CCEDK family:

Ronny Boesing says, “I would like to point out the progress we have made in last months by being able to present some 3 important merchants in October to help increase the traffic on our exchange” – A great new Bitcoin Casino with beautiful layout offering anonymous play with instant deposit and cashout, easy features and an impressive 80% of revenue available to affiliate members.

Fun-casino users are furthermore also able to deposit fiat or crypto money on the CCEDK exchange to BTC, and then bring it to the casino to play. – A very attractive and interesting advertising tool, making it easy to both advertiser and webmaster of website to make some good income all paid out in BTC. – Crypto Coins Payment Terminal is a great tool for all kinds of coins when you need change directly to BTC, and will be an important part in all future transactions from any digital currency to BTC.

Anonymous of course and as easy as can be. All you have to do is register an account at CCEDK, and u can start putting all tradable crypto currencies, for the moment being 12, into for immediate exchange to BTC, and go get it at CCEDK exchange where you could in fact change it to 9 different fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP etc.

NB! This product of CCPAYT is completely new and will be up and running actively from third week in October according to information received.

All of the above three merchants are making use of CCEDK services in regards to exchange of BTC to 9 Fiat currencies on exchange itself.


“Are you all ready for this? I hope to see you on the exchange this week, to do some trading and to experience our new features like the 2FA and Dropdown menu as well.”

Feel free to make twitter of below, or go to @CCEDK_ to follow and retweet:

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CCEDK takes their customers’ security to heart, and therefore reserves 30% of crypto currency revenue in a reserve fund used to repay traders if they are the victims of fraud or cybercrime. A very bold but strategic move by the Danish digital currency exchange.

You may have noticed the kangaroo in the CCEDK logo, which also has a deeper meaning. A kangaroo takes big jumps, and so does CCEDK in terms of development and moving forward progressively. The kangaroo’s pouch, which acts as a safe haven for their young, represents the security of users’ wallets at the CCEDK exchange. Small things like these make traders feel more secure, and ensures of sense of trust between all parties.

Once again a big WELCOME from CCEDK – Let the Trading begin!

Ronny Boesing
+45 36 98 11 50
email us here

Article Source: EIN News


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