MyEtherWallet Users Lose Funds in DNS Hack


MyEtherWallet (MEW) has been the victim of a Google DNS hack. Users on reddit and other cryptocurrency social media report that funds have been stolen from the wallet of some users who used MyEtherWallet.

Popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet became victim of a hack yesterday, leading users to the wrong servers and exposing their login credentials. The possibility of a hack was first reported by a Reddit user in a post revealing that 0.09ETH was stolen from the user’s account as soon as he logged into MyEtherWallet. Since the post, numerous other users in various social media have reported the same problem with funds being stolen to a specific account:


The address mentioned above appears to have stolen over $150k worth of ETH from users who logged into MyEtherWallet during the DNS hack. Since then, the address has been labeled as ‘Fake_Phshing899’ on Etherscan.

The hack occurred around 11:00 UTC and was unnoticed until 13:00 UTC. The MEW team later confirmed the DNS hack and posted on twitter that they are working on resolving the issue. The MEW team seems so have resolved the issue since then, but users who have already fallen victim to the hack are frustrated that they cannot retrieve the stolen funds.

As uncertainty and frustration looms in the community with incidents such as the MEW hack happening, users must explore various other options to keep their funds secure. There are several MyEtherWallet alternatives that allow users to safely connect their hardware wallets such as Ledger to make transactions.

MyCrypto is an Ethereum wallet managed by several people who left MyEtherWallet. Most of the functions on MyCrypto is identical to MyEtherWallet, and it also allows users to connect their hardware wallet for transactions.

Wannabit is an Etherum, Bitcoin, Qtum wallet that allows users to transfer ETH, BTC, QTUM, and ERC20, QRC20 tokens. Wannabit also allows users to connect their Ledger to make transactions securely.


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Author: David Park

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