OpenBazaar Finalizes Integration of Tor, Plans Security Audit Before Next Release

A Big Step Forward for OpenBazaar

In the end, solutions such as Openbazaar will prove to be beneficial to everyone. Criminals will look to take advantage of the technology first. Slowly but surely, mainstream consumers and enterprises will see the merit in decentralized marketplaces as well. It is pretty normal for disruptive tech to start gaining traction in the fringe markets first. Projects such as OB may not be all that different in this regard.

As is the case with any project introducing Tor support, the code can be vetted on GitHub. It is important independent coders take a look at this implementation. A proper security audit is scheduled to take place before Openbazaar 2.0  will be introduced. Until then, everyone is welcome to check the code and make any suggestions as they see fit. The bigger question is what effect this development will have on regular darknet marketplaces in the future.

With no central platform controlling the market anymore, exist scams are less likely to occur moving forward. While Openbazaar can be used to operate a darknet market, its potential use cases are virtually unlimited. All things considered, the integration of Tor is great news for the project and the cryptocurrency community. While OB is anything but perfect in its current stage, things are progressing in the right direction.

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