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Currently coming out of private beta which officially launched on May 19th, Coinigy (pronounced coin-i-jee), has set out to establish a consistent, professional, charting and day trading platform with the ability to execute trades on multiple exchanges. I mention consistency because the same charts are present for all exchanges they currently support, rather than the Hodgepodge users get when bouncing from exchange-to-exchange. We had the opportunity to do a Question and Answer with the owners, Rob and William. Before we get to that, lets go over what Coinigy is about.



We asked a few questions about the beginnings of Coinigy since it seemed to spring up out of nowhere with deep and plentiful features. The founders were more than willing to provide this information, and for the record, William Kehl and Rob Borden are the sole founders of the platform.

Coinigy started with a small, internal group of Alpha testers between April 11th and May 16th. After further refinement and feature integration, they “ninja launched” the private beta on May 19th. The founders had the following to say about the lack of official announcement on cryptocurrency forum boards or other media, “As is generally our practice, the beta was rolled out cautiously without much fanfare and wasn’t officially announced anywhere. During the preceding months we collected about 150 email addresses on our waiting list and those were the first members of Coinigy.”

On May 31st they sent an e-mail to their current user base and introduced themselves a bit further, and provided some information about more upcoming features.

Private beta applications closed on June 23rd, as they released the following statement on their website:


Coinigy Private Beta Closure Annoucement


It’s difficult to disagree with their reasons for closing the beta applications. They mentioned to us they are considering holding a public beta, prior to their “transition into a paid model,” said the founders. They anticipate this transition to be in the 2-3 month time frame, and said, “Anyone who’s interested in the platform can submit their e-mail to be added to the waiting list at We suggest if you haven’t gotten a private beta access code yet, to go and join their mailing list to get early or public beta access.


Supported Exchanges

They’re currently supporting the following exchanges as of the time of writing (note: we did not test every exchange for proper functionality):

In alphabetical order:

  1. Bitfinex
  2. Bitstamp
  3. Bittrex
  4. BTC China
  5. BTC-e
  6. Bter
  7. Cryptsy
  8. Kraken
  9. mcxNOW
  10. Mintpal
  11. OkCoin
  12. Poloniex


General Functionality

They don’t claim to be an exchange, stating on their website, “No, we’re not an exchange- Think of us as the ‘optionshouse of crypto’. We help you determine where, when and what to trade, and allow you to execute your actions at the click of a button.” Going on to say, “Manage all of your exchange accounts under one simple interface.”


They have incredible charting features for this stage of development. See below for the general interface, with no tools active (click for full sized image):


Screencapture of Coinigy Trade Interface


All of the various charting tools are located along the left side of the chart. You’ll also notice the very far left of the screen lists the different exchanges, and the bar to the right of that lists all trading pairs for the selected exchange. These areas are scrollable and filterable for easy navigation. Since there are just SO MANY features, we won’t cover all of them. Suffice it to say that if you’re big on Technical Analysis (TA), this platform will not disappoint.


To the right of the chart is the order book, pulled from the exchange you have selected on the left. The bottom of the screen contains a collapsible ticker, with customization capabilities that allow you to filter out trading pairs or entire exchanges from the stream. Don’t like seeing prices for a certain coin? Not a problem, click the gear on the right side of the ticker, locate the coin, and un-check it.


We will keep the features list as short as possible. As their features expand we will likely provide a more in-depth analysis of the site from the feature perspective.



I want to point out these founders aren’t what some people refer to as “script kiddies”. In other words, they back up this website with in-depth technical knowledge of computational systems and industry experience. They are committed to providing a secure platform, which is critical when API keys are involved (compromise of an API key can allow full access to the key-holder’s exchange account). The following links are excerpted below: click and click.


Rob Borden Photo


Robert Borden

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

While working with fortune 500 companies on analytical reporting software in the Market Research industry, Rob also provided IT consulting and software development services to several start-ups across various industries from advertising to reserve studies. Currently Rob is the Director of IT at a large mechanical contractor and continues to do seed work with local start-ups.


Robert is a modest Director of IT for a mechnical contractor and has 6 years experience working in data analytics and database administration for a market research company.


William Kehl
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

William has founded and been a part of several successful startups over the years. Founded iPhone Freelancer, a marketplace connecting “ideas people” with mobile developers that received major media attention and was ultimately acquired by GirApps. Currently serving as Director of Web Operations for both RecordiaPro, a global recording and transcription platform, and Voicemails Forever, a unique service that allows anyone to save their loved ones’ digital treasures forever.


He describes himself as a “passionate developer and internet marketing savant”, and is able to claim multiple development projects including and


When asked about crypto-industry related experience, the founders had the following to say:

“We both studied MIS/MCS at University of Wisconsin colleges. We’ve been involved in programming, networking and the web since our early teens.  We’re both very well versed in server architecture and security best practices.”

And from William specifically:

“As a kid I ran a multi-node BBS (on 2400 baud modems) and I’ve been using linux since the early 90’s (Slackware on a 486 DX/2-50).”




Q & A

As for the remainder of the question and answer, which wasn’t directly integrated with the article, you can see below:


Where are you based out of?

  • Milwaukee, WI USA


Are you planning on developing an exchange at any point? 

  • We plan to remain exchange neutral while offering traders and investors the ultimate platform to trade and manage their crypto wealth.


You’re currently using API with all of the websites on the site I’m assuming? If so, have they created any custom development tools for you? 

  • So far we’re using all stock APIs.  With enough persuasion we were able to get a MintPal v2 API key so we’ve already integrated that into our site. We have some things in the works with some more tightly integrated exchanges but we can’t discuss that at this time. We do have working relationships with several exchanges.


Are there any additional features you plan on integrating with the site either before or after the end of the beta period? 

  • Order management and tracking will go live next month.  Continued improvement on charting and balance tracking as a result of feedback generated by beta testers.  Our list of features to add had 87 items and counting so there will be no shortage of improvements to the site in the coming weeks and months. We’re currently aggregating data on over 3.5 million trades per week across more than 825 cryptocurrency markets.

AltcoinToday: Yes, you read that right, 87 features, 3.5 million trades per week, and 825 cryptocurrency markets!


Do you plan on keeping this a free service? If you decide to charge for it, any idea what the rates will be?

  • This will be an affordable, paid service.  Rates and specific payment model are yet to be determined.




We believe this is a service that’s here to stay. The founders seem to have everything under tight control, they’re extremely active, and they have a focus moving forward. Their platform has received significant attention since the launch of private beta, and we excitedly anticipate their feature implementations and release of the V1.0 platform.


These guys were a pleasure to work with and we wish them the best moving forward!

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