Saifu Reaches ICO Soft Cap Target Ahead of Schedule


Saifu, the Czech based crypto-fiat financial service, has just reached its ICO soft cap. Selected by ICOS platform token holders to receive ICOBox’s tools and assistance, Saifu is now one step closer to their goal of bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.


Saifu was chosen because it enables users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies, securely store them, and use them alongside fiat currencies on a safe, regulated platform. They offer an innovative blend of bank-grade security, and blockchain and fiat services including individual accounts with an IBAN, SEPA/SWIFT transfers and a Mastercard – for both crypto and fiat currencies. Saifu will bridge the gap between daily crypto and local fiat currency use and scale it efficiently and globally. The high-profile team of security experts backing their services includes the ex-Global Head of Kaspersky’s DDoS Protection Business Unit. Their dedicated team has a simple core set of principles: Security, Simplicity, and Regulation.


Evgeny Vigovsky, Co-founder, COO and CTO of Saifu, pointed out that “While reaching our soft cap is sufficient to meet our initial infrastructure goals, reaching our hard cap of $49 million will get us ahead of the game in the crypto-fiat banking world. It will enable us to roll out our global partnership and marketing outreach program and to obtain the many regional licenses required to market our services locally.”


Saifu is currently scaling up their global KYC procedures and making inroads with blockchain industry leaders and financial institutions. They also plan on expanding into the UK (license pending) and US, with the incorporation of FATCA regulations. Saifu also recently announced new partnerships with Deloitte, Bancor, and several banks. Bancor is designing a relay token with Saifu, and Deloitte is their auditor, consultant, and legal advisor.


Vigovsky added “We have found that lots of people are interested in our services. We have the best security out there, and customers can use crypto and fiat freely with our range of services. We have nearly 4,000 beta registrations right now, and we expect that number to grow quickly with the full release of our product this summer. In the rapidly globalizing world, Saifu’s potential is just beginning to emerge.”


The Saifu utility token (SFU) is used for all Saifu transactions, such as wire transfers and currency exchanges (fiat and crypto). As Saifu is targeted for broad public appeal, it will have a two-tiered system for token use. Those who pay for transactions automatically through Saifu will purchase the tokens at higher transactional rate compared with those who purchased the tokens during the ICO. Token holders from the ICO who use Saifu’s services will receive a kick-back in the form of additional tokens and discounts for their patronage. The token will also be useable outside of the platform as an ERC20 token, and will be listed on three exchanges from the outset. This means that the token will also have an external, tradable use (for example, the Bancor relay token for trading in and out of Saifu). The Saifu Token (SFU) is priced at 0.0001 BTC for the ICO, which is scheduled to end on April 30, 2018.


For more information on Saifu, visit their website at:


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