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Some may know him by one of his ‘many’ pseudo names used in the crypto trading sphere. Coyote WallStreet, Gordan Crypto or the outspoken SATOSHI00000001. In his younger years he was an intricate part of the Stratton Oakmont trading team recently seen in the movie “Wolf of Wallstreet”. This affiliation brought him to infamy through their unlawful PND trading practices.
One might wonder if it is a good move for the Titcoin camp to engage with such a controversial and colorful character. In fact, We were hesitant to even cover this story until we fully vetted his sources and understood the impact his role will have on Titcoin’s future. After confirmation of his duties from the lead developer of Titcoin, Edward Mansfield, We followed up with a lengthy phone interview with Mr. McDonnell himself.
It all became quite clear what benefits his role will have not only for Titcoin but the entire crypto community movement as a whole. Mr. McDonnell is actually not much unlike any other man trying to give his children a better life than his own. He was raised on the streets of NYC and bounced between foster homes most of his childhood years mastering the art of deception and salesmanship out of necessity. ‘Raw life skills’ is how he described it.
Life on the city streets so to speak, lead Mr. McDonnell to develop tremendous skills in the art of ‘no nonsense’ negotiation. His biological father (E.F. Hutton & Co.) and grandfather (MCDONNELL & CO.) both worked on Wall Street making Mr. McDonnell, in his terms, third generation royalty.
At the ripe age of 17 years old, He became obsessed with finance and decided to enter Wall Street. Studying for his Series 7 & Series 63 licenses, he not only read the materials ‘feverishly’ but memorized them, along with the dictionary of finance. Most of us have seen the movie and know what happened to many of the traders working for the firm and thus we are not going to go into that dark period of his past. Mr. McDonnell is absolutely open about it and if asked will give direct answers. The point of this article is to share what he is doing now. What skills he brings to crypto, what doors he has already opened, and what doors he will open.
The primary reason Titcoin decided to engage Mr. McDonnell with their project is he has the gift to not only open the doors but to ‘close’ the deals. His role is specifically to approach and involve real world adult entertainment businesses to not only wake up to what crypto has to offer, but adopt Titcoin as their platform.
He has been very active in the day trading space for the last 8 months, but part of his deal with Titcoin is to step away from that space. He is not pumping Titcoin. He is helping build industry adoption. In fact he told me,
“If this project doesn’t work? I am out of crypto all together, So this IS going to work!”
This article may seem a little biased and if so I am not going to deny that after getting to know him I do like him very much. We share virtually the same goals. Albeit our approach is radically different? We BOTH want crypto to be mainstream. I personally chose the path of information and education only. Nonetheless, I understand why he was a crypto day trader. We ALL are guilty of wishing we had bought Bitcoin for 50 cents. We ALL wished we had spotted from day one coins like Doge and Dark. So for that reason I personally am cutting him some slack for his activities. However, It’s my humble opinion that it’s time for the games to end and people shift from the get rich over night dream and DO something real for crypto. Go out and educate people! Bring awareness to everything crypto has to offer the world! Mr. McDonnell is doing just that. His roll with Titcoin is to bring on new participants through the use of something most of us forgot about. The telephone and the front doors of brick and mortar stores. He is very well suited to do just that. Not only does he have the natural ability to get in the front door, But he also has extensive access into the movers and shakers of Wall Street.
Mr. McDonnell’s recent accomplishments in crypto can be found on his company website
For more information about Titcoins plans for the future please read this recent interview featuring the Titcoin founder Edward Mansfield with Sound Crave Magazine.
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