Dogecoin is back on the defensive and the whole community is in an uproar. The Trademarking issue has finally hit the floor and it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen. Like any faithful Shibes out there, one of them was sniffing around when they found something sneaky. After some investigating some doge’s found out that “Ultra Pro International” has made plans to trademark the word “doge”. They are a trading card company that makes cases and sleeves for cards, why on earth would they need “doge”? When it finally hit the r/dogecoin subreddit, patent troll, trademark troll, and other similar verbiage were used.

While it may not be able to directly affect the “dogecoin” brand itself, it could be damaging to vendors and other good honest folk that didn’t try to claim the internet sensation. If anything the OG doge herself “Kabosu” should have ownership of the trademark. With all the new rules in the system that favor the first company to apply for patent, its going to be a hard race for anyone trying to stop them. Stepped up on twitter and announced it’s bid in opposition of the trademark. That means there still maybe hope for the doge yet. Weather or not we need to boycott is yet unknown, we just know that the moon mission was might has just incurred some collateral damage. Maybe someone should have trademarked it before to avoid it? Who knows, it won’t be until July 8th, 2014 that we will find out, and we will keep you posted.

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