Welcome to the AltcoinToday Video Archive. When I first learned about Bitcoin there were very few instructional videos related to the topic. I have decided to find all my personal favorites to share with you. You will first learn how extraordinary Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is and how it will shape our world for the better. I have a deep passion for Bitcoin because I have a deep passion and fascination with money and Geo political topics. I will go into this further later. I mentioned that as you will find some videos that do not seem to make sense to the relationship with Bitcoin. Trust me they are very connected. The control, creation and distribution of money, freedom and Bitcoin all go hand in hand. If you have a suggestion for a video please feel free to drop me an Email. As this portion of our site grows we will be including dedicated page links to other Video bloggers and Pod casts. If you are a content creator. Again. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss including your works on our platform. (

I am working on the layout and framework currently. I am trying to put videos in order in their importance if you are someone who is just trying to learn about Currencies for the first time. If you are a seasoned user of Bitcoin you may find watching or re-watching quite entertaining.


Bitcoin Education Videos


What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Under the Hood



I will explain Mike in detail later. He is a valuable resource for anyone who desires to understand Money.

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